Our Beginnings

From the beginning, Trusted American Insurance Agency has been committed to helping people succeed. Our founder and CEO, Rosamaria Marrujo, knows from personal experience how crucial education and the right resources are to professional success. Continuing this legacy, we not only support students but also service members transitioning from military to civilian careers through the SkillBridge program. Whether you’re a student needing a stepping stone into the business world or a servicemember preparing for the next chapter, we provide the tools and experiences necessary to enter the business arena with confidence.

Our Culture

Trusted American Insurance Agency boasts a diverse and inclusive environment, welcoming individuals from all walks of life and corners of the globe. Our corporate atmosphere spans numerous departments, each staffed with experts eager to mentor and guide you.


We champion self-directed learning and autonomy, encouraging each intern to contribute to our brand’s core promises of integrity and positivity. Our managers are committed to your professional growth, offering continual feedback to help you expand your skills and knowledge. While we don’t micro-manage, we expect a high standard of integrity in your work. We also encourage you to voice your thoughts on our processes, systems, or other operations, as we strive to improve daily.

Our Company Vision

rosamaria marrujo, ceo trusted american insurance agency

Rosamaria Marrujo

President and CEO

Our daily mission is simple:
We aim to provide peace of mind one person at a time.

Our personal values are essential:
1) See the individual
2) Do the right thing
3) Go the extra mile

Our long-term vision is radical:
We want to be the leading example of how the insurance industry sees the individual. We want to make insurance human again.

Get the experience you need for the job you want.