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Our business internships combine hands-on training with the opportunity to interact with multiple departments in order to develop stronger leadership, organization, communication, and time management skills, as well as skills specific to your major. Trusted American Insurance Agency will support you in building those skills while you work alongside experts in the industry so you can excel your career path. 

We Offer a Variety of Departments

Students who successfully complete the business internship are eligible to receive a certificate of completion from the CEO!

William M

I felt much more confident with my abilities because of the hands-on experience I got from the program. During the program I learned independently while always having someone nearby to answer any questions I had. This was extremely helpful to me so I could learn from my mistakes and still have the constructive teaching from experienced supervisors.

- William M.


Working in different departments and seeing key aspects that make the work place come together changed my perspective and made me gain new skills. This is an extremely positive and constructive environment where I felt comfortable asking for help or clarification at anytime. Interning here is a great way to gain experience alongside knowledgeable staff.

- Mariya G.


My experience with the staff was excellent. They all are very helpful. I learned work ethic and communication skills that improved my confidence. I learned all basics of Accounting. I gained newfound knowledge from my internship that includes how to fulfill tasks that are relevant to my desired career path. It also sharpened my skills.

- Sandeep H.


Before I became an intern at Trusted American, I knew next to nothing about working in an office, or the business world in general. Working as an intern for Trusted American has been a highly educational experience. I’ve learned quite a lot about business and insurance, and the things I’ve learned will be extremely helpful in my future career.

Peter T.


My internship has been a very good experience. It was my first time working in an office, and everyone has been extremely nice and helpful. I am thankful that I got this opportunity. I feel it was a good starting point that will help me achieve my future career goals.

- Adam
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